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07 April 2007 @ 02:44 pm
This was posted in brits_americans but it's too funny not to share with everyone on my journal as well.

1. Go to maps.google.com
2. Click on "Get Directions"
3. Type in "New York" in the "from" box
4. Type in "London" in the "to" box
5. Scroll down to Step #23.
6. Laugh uproariously.
22 February 2007 @ 05:52 pm
I did this about a year ago, but it was really cool, so I figured I'd do it again.

These are some lyrics from some songs on my iTunes (I'm doing 'random' but am still being kind of selective so that it's not too difficult for people to guess).

Anyway, read the lyrics and guess the song and artist. Winner gets . . . a metaphorical medal, I guess.

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14 February 2007 @ 08:39 am
I post this every year, so some of you've seen it. Politically incorrect and vaguely insensitive Valentine's Day wishes behind the cutCollapse )

*is going to hell*
09 February 2007 @ 06:34 pm
I am FRIGHTENED because my life has been abnormally spectacular lately, save for a few people bent on destroying my iron-clad morale (read: dickheads). I think this has to do with my constantly listening to The Boy Least Likely To and I'm From Barcelona lately (yay for really long weird band names) and talking to people who consistently succeed in making me laugh. But a period of awesome is usually followed by a period of suck so I'm vaguely aware of the fact that I should be checking around corners with mirrors for the masked avenger who will destroy my bubble-headed joy. Or maybe I shouldn't be so much on tenterhooks and just accept the free happiness that karma has chosen to grace me with.

That said, I would also like to say that an alarming majority of the people who write for my Story Writing and Creative Writing classes SUCK. This isn't me being pretentious or "holier-than-thou," but my legitimate declaration of the perpetual state of mediocrity that dwells within the intellectual abyss that is Winona State's Creative Writing Department. I want to smack all these wannabes with the two-by-four of writerly talent so that when the blood and skill rushes to their head, they realize that a psychologically-deranged, drugged-up narrator does not tell a good story. I mean, damn.

I'm going to Perkins with Shell to have a "Paper-Writing Fest" which rocks so much. WRITING AT PERKINS. Chicken tender melt, followed by spending time with my favorite character I've ever written, the vaguely emo Jim. He's cool. He reminds me of me, but a bit whinier.

Anyway, I kind of got eloquent and wordly in this entry and I supposed that's a little too hyper-literate and snobbish of me to do but hey. It's freakin' Live Journal and if I can't be annoying and blah blah blah then what can I do?
03 February 2007 @ 04:46 pm
Yay, I did a Day In My Life thing, so it's posted here:


It's pretty exciting, detailing all the lovely things that did and did not happen.
22 December 2006 @ 02:02 pm
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18 December 2006 @ 05:21 pm
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So here's a few pics. I uploaded these to Facebook, so sorry if you've seen them already. This first one is me with my hair dyed red recently. It's more orange in the pic than it actually was in real life. I'm also listening to my music, hence the vague expression.

This is a letter my mom fround in the bathroom when they remodeled it. Even at seven years old, I used the word "whomever" and spelled "receive" correctly. Go figure.

This is the inside of the letter:

One of the infamous "gun" pictures of me:
05 December 2006 @ 07:20 am
Despite great potential for this summer to suck supremely, I think it'll be awesome. Granted I'm going to be stuck in the pit-hole of Winona for the whole of the summer (save for a few lengthy trips back home sporadically), but I think it'll be a bit different.

First, there will be a lot less people here and people are what tend to piss me off.

Also, I'm going to force my brothers to come visit some time. I will make them bring their guitars and we can go a-wandering around East Lake and campus as travelling troubadours, which is something I've always wanted to do.

My birthday is during the summer and I'm going to plan some sort of excruciatingly beautiful thing to do - something that will hopefully include a felony. Yay!

Eh, presentation in 41 minutes.
27 November 2006 @ 02:57 am
This weekend was pretty interesting, if not productive (at all - for seriousness).

My brothers and I are pretty retarded together. One example of this is Christopher's "Dance of Disapproval" he did that consisted of a lot of flapping his hands around and kicking his knees up. My dad saw this and his reaction was kind of funny.

My parents are remodeling the downstairs bathroom. This isn't really exciting. They did, however, find what they dubbed "a funny letter." It was from me, written about fifteen years ago, apparently. I wrote: "I'm sorry I kicked a hole in the wall when I was mad. I owe someone a quarter." Direct quote. I don't remember doing this, but it does kind of sound like me.

Working at Kmart was mildly amusing. We employees were forced to make PA announcements every 30 seconds so naturally I wanted to be creative. I started writing really funny announcements and couldn't force myself not to laugh; Christopher wound up saying the best of my announcements over the PA: "Attention Kmart shoppers. Are you looking for the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season? Then buy our 32-foot trampoline! Just $199!" I thought "Then buy our five-piece dining set!" would have been funnier, but oh well. I also started wishing customers a "happy non-denominational mid-December holiday celebration!" and they would give me the strangest looks - hey, I'm politically correct.

Amtrak almost lost my bag! When I got off the train, my luggage was not among the luggage they removed at Winona. I went up to the conductor lady as the train was pulling away and said, "My bag is not there!" and they STOPPED THE TRAIN FOR ME. They found my bag and dropped it in the rocks by East Lake. Yay. Got my stuff. I would have been so fucked if they didn't get it to me. All of my chargers and clothing and homework. Man.

Also, I've dyed my hair yet again. And cut it some more. I think it's quite safe to say that this is THE MOST EXTREME my hair has ever looked. Ever. I'm not even kidding. If anyone sees my tomorrow, you'll get what I mean. I'm also starting to move out of the "autumnal colors" phase of my clothing and into what we might call "Candy Raver/New Emo." Whatever. No one cares what my clothes and hair look like.

I've been very boring lately. Must be more exciting. Hair will acheive this.

Must write many papers now.
18 November 2006 @ 12:33 am
During a Wikipedia evening, I looked up Dane Cook and it says he died!

Not true. Can't be. I haven't been able to find anything to verify it.

[Edit:] I've checked back and all the stuff about him dying has been removed! Bizarre. It said that he died on the 16th of November while filming a movie in New Zealand, where he fell 60 feet off a cliff. Who would make that stuff up?

[Edit 2:] After a bit more in-depth research, I discovered that it is a current act of vandalism, in which some random forum kids discovered a 'death article' generator and inserted Dane Cook's name into it. Here is the article.