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The World's Like a Science

And I'm Like a Secret

11 August 1984
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I'm a teacher of English. Right now I'm trying to find work as a substitute teacher but ultimately I hope to have a class of my own. The best part of teaching is the relationship with the students, which I thrive upon.

I live in Minnesota, USA - aka, Land of A Lot of Fucking Lakes. The town I live in is what I like to refer to as West Bumblefuck, Minnesota, but it's really Monticello.

Someday, I'll be an editor/writer/town hero and everyone will buy the books I write and then see fit to send me awards, money, and marriage proposals. Currently, I'm working on being a huge bitch (which I'm doing quite well at) and constantly ridiculing people (which I'm doing even better at). I'm sarcastic and witty and make remarks that come across as dumb, but are actually profound because I say so. "My teeth are loud!" was not a drunken proclamation but a statement at the height of existential nirvana; I'm actually a goddess.

My lifelong goals include: (some of these are more profound than others)
~ punching someone in the face
~ winning a Pulitzer Prize
~ playing the guitar without looking like a tool
~ seeing Journey in concert

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